Empowering Your Financial Future with Strategic Property Investments

Transform your wealth with Australia’s 1st AI-driven buyer’s agency

We help business owners and executives
Who want to unlock their lifestyle dreams through strategic property investments
But are constrained by time and challenged by the complexities of market research and future analysis
By leveraging exclusive AI-driven property insights, offering bespoke investment strategies tailored to your unique goals, and providing unparalleled support from acquisition to growth.

The Keystone Property Investor Journey

Here’s how we work with you to ensure your success


Understand your finances, identify your aspirations, and address challenges to achieve your investment goals.


Define success, set milestones, and identify motivations to guide your path forward.


Enhance your knowledge, understand the market, and create a strategy to navigate your investments successfully.


Locate the right property, secure financing, and execute the transaction to successfully close your investment deal.


Grow your wealth, reclaim your time, and achieve your goals to elevate your lifestyle and financial independence.

Capital Growth and Cashflow: Harness Both with Cutting-Edge AI

Struggling to find the right investment property and short on time? 

Frustrated by endless bidding wars and wasted weekends? It’s time to revolutionize your approach to property investment with Hera Property Group.

We combine expert insights with advanced AI technology to streamline your investment process, ensuring you make smarter, faster decisions for a brighter financial future.

Nationwide Access, AI-Enhanced Deals

As a multi-state licensed buyers’ agency, Hera Property Group offers a unique, tech-driven perspective that opens up a wealth of investment opportunities across Australia.

Our AI tools analyze market trends and property data to secure exclusive, high-potential investments before they reach the public market, giving you the competitive edge.

Embark on your property investment journey with less hassle and more precision. Hera Property Group is your partner in building wealth efficiently and effectively, powered by innovation and expertise.



I can't speak highly enough of Dax Stanley of Hera Property Management. Dax has been so thorough, concise and full of amazing information to help me navigate entering the property market. Not only am I a first home buyer, but even more challenging first home builder. Dax was there immediately when I needed questions answered, particularly as we found our dream property and things had to move very quickly in order for me to submit a successful offer. Dax was very calm guiding me throughout the unknown process, giving me great confidence to negotiate and to secure the property for the price I was comfortable with. I will defiantly continue to utilise Dax at Hera Property Management as we move forward. Dujon Melbourne - Victoria

Dujon P

Dax is passionate about helping and educating along the way. I learnt a lot during the process and always felt guided and informed. From the initial meeting to the auction day, Dax and his team not only got the job done but was done with a smile and care. I am forever grateful for Hera's assistance in buying and selling our properties and look forward to working with them again.

Dan Tusia

Absolute top class outfit staffed by folks with heart and soul. Really a beautiful experience all round. A rare thing in the property game. I'd highly recommend to anyone.👌

Simon Revolter

Fast, efficient, professional, accurate AND heart felt.
So nice to see someone in the real estate industry delivering their service with genuine consideration and heart.
Can't recommend these guys enough.
Thanks Dax.
Heath Myers

Hera Property are very knowledgeable in all aspects of property in a cutting edge new refreshing way.
Being a property investor I have never met such a friendly and complete service. I highly recommend!!!!!
John Giri

Dax at Hera Property management has been a wealth of knowledge and valuable information for us as we have entered the property market and made plans to build our own home. He has gone above and beyond with his service, professionalism and time. Thank you so much Dax we will absolutely be using your service again and would not hesitate to recommend Hera Property Management to make well informed decisions about property investment.

Tania H

Hera Property has been extremely helpful to me being new in the field of property investment. Their advice is prompt and clear, which is crucial to avoid expensive mistakes. Thank you for your patience, looking forward to working with you on this and the next projects."

Brett H.

Build Wealth and Shape the Life You’ve Always Dreamed of

with AI-Driven Insights


At Hera Property Group, we’re inspired by the profound impact our AI-enhanced strategies have on our clients’ lives. Leveraging advanced analytics and AI technologies, including tools like ChatGPT, we help clients grow their property portfolios, enrich their lives, and confidently pursue their life goals. Whether it’s optimizing returns, creating generational wealth, or taking the first bold step into property investment, our AI-driven insights ensure you make informed, effective decisions.

The property market, with its myriad of variables, might seem daunting. Yet, armed with AI insights, you can navigate this complex landscape more confidently. Common strategies involve:

Starting a property portfolio

even though you might feel somewhat out of my depth, we can help you get started with a revenue-focused strategy

Continuing to invest

in property and somehow manage what you have with whatever else life is throwing at me. Sounds stressful, how about we take the hard work out of it with a plan that makes sense – for you?

Partner with a trusted firm

to continue growing your well-established and rewarding portfolio (it sounds like you’re doing very well, let’s talk about it).

Property Investment Guides

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Discover “Real Estate Investing with ChatGPT: Smarter Investments, Better Returns”

Learn how our founder’s groundbreaking book has transformed the way investors approach the real estate market. This bestseller provides a unique blend of AI-enhanced techniques and proven investment strategies to elevate your portfolio.

In this guide, you’ll:

  • Uncover Hidden Opportunities: Use AI to find high-potential investments that others often overlook.
  • Enhance Your Investment Approach: Apply expert insights to achieve superior returns.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your property investments and consistently outperform the market, “Real Estate Investing with ChatGPT” is your indispensable resource. Dive into this guide and start making smarter, more informed property investment decisions today.



Unlock Your Investment Potential with Keystone Strategies.

Overcome the uncertainty of where to start with a clear, guided pathway to success.

Build Your Future with Tailored Property Selection.

Escape the stress of poor investments with expertly chosen opportunities that match your goals.

Embrace the Armchair Developer Path to Strategically Expand Your Portfolio.

Transform complexity into simplicity with guided property development.

Join the Movement: Elevate Your Investment Journey with Us!


Hera Property Group: Pioneering AI-Driven Property Investment in Australia

As the premier buyers’ agency employing cutting-edge AI technology, Hera Property Group is dedicated to transforming property investment. If you’re an investor seeking to leverage strategic insights for portfolio growth and wealth creation, you’ve come to the right place.

Hera Property is designed for investors who demand a partner that not only manages properties but actively enhances their value. Our focus is on using smart, data-driven strategies to make each investment property perform at its peak, fast-tracking your path to financial independence.

With over 20 years of experience in property investment and an innovative approach that integrates advanced AI tools, Hera Property is committed to redefining investment success and helping investors achieve substantial financial gains.

The Hera Mantra

We’re unique because we understand that you are too – and so are our tailored solutions

So, what makes us different from any other advisors, brokers or project development consultants you may have considered? Well, we care, but not just about you or ourselves but about our world, the changes we’re seeing and the influence we wield over the environment.

This is ethical investing at its most progressive and sustainable solutions mean creating opportunities for our clients that they and their families can be proud of for generations to come.

“It’s a conversation about seizing opportunities to do better at life – for you and the people and world you care about. By offering ethical, wealth creation strategies that focus on your ongoing wellbeing and benefit, I feel like Hera property is leading the way towards a better way of investing in our future.”


Dax Stanley, principal, on how focusing on better for all may well be the best way to build long-term security

Find out how we can improve your property portfolio performance

Do you have a vision to own a property portfolio?