​Akashic Record Access

Recieve your 8D activation to open you up to your akashic records.

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Let’s Get You Activated

Thank you for beginning the journey of your empowerment to ascension.
Your 8D activation is on it’s way to your inbox.
The activation is to get you ready to be open to the akasha. It upgrades your
chakras and your timeline so that you will be ready to begin this empowering life
changing journey.
The playground for your cosmic exploration is the akashic records.
Would you like to know your souls purpose on a deeper level?
Would you like the help of your guides on a daily basis?
Would you like to clear the clutter of 3D and manifest more easily and
effortlessly in the 5D?
Would you like to help others see their magnificent souls in order to heal and
empower them to?
Then the akashic records is the truth slinger that brings about a powerful
It’s a system, it’s a tool kit that shows you the way to live through the heart and
through the soul. It’s a system that can easily be taught to bring about your deep
intuition even if you have never done anything like this before.
Lets find out if we align and if the Akshaic galactivation course is the best thing
for you right now. Check out the calendar below.
Until we talk again enjoy your 8D adventures.

May your soul soar


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