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Life, finances and working on what we “have to” definitely gets in the way of life, financial freedom and working on what we love.

It has been a busy few months for us, we have helped many Australians consciously invest in property. It is such an exciting time for real estate investing at the moment, and I would hate for you to miss out on this opportunity.

We have put in more time for our clients to book in a free brainstorming session with us to help them get started.

If investing in property is something you are considering, we highly recommend that you book your free brainstorm with us to explore what opportunities and strategies are available to you.

Be quick though, we are already seeing interest and bookings from clients.

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Seeing our clients grow the value of their property portfolio, enrich their lives and reach for something more, humbles us and fills us with gratitude. As people move closer to their life goals, be they based around optimising returns, creating generational wealth or simply breaking away from their hesitations and just getting started, we know we’re making a difference…

Property feels like it can be a bit hit and miss because of all the variables involved and yet we all feel like we should be doing one of the following 3 things:

Starting a property portfolio

even though I might feel somewhat out of my depth, we can help you get started with a revenue-focused strategy

Continuing to invest

in property and somehow manage what I have with whatever else life is throwing at me. Sounds stressful, how about we take the hard work out of it with a plan that makes sense – for you?

Partner with a trusted firm

to continue growing my well-established and rewarding portfolio (it sounds like you’re doing very well, let’s talk about


I can’t speak highly enough of Dax Stanley of Hera Property Management. Dax has been so thorough, concise and full of amazing information to help me navigate entering the property market. Not only am I a first home buyer, but even more challenging first home builder. Dax was there immediately when I needed questions answered, particularly as we found our dream property and things had to move very quickly in order for me to submit a successful offer. Dax was very calm guiding me throughout the unknown process, giving me great confidence to negotiate and to secure the property for the price I was comfortable with. I will defiantly continue to utilise Dax at Hera Property Management as we move forward. Dujon Melbourne – Victoria

Dujon P

Dax at Hera Property management has been a wealth of knowledge and valuable information for us as we have entered the property market and made plans to build our own home. He has gone above and beyond with his service, professionalism and time. Thank you so much Dax we will absolutely be using your service again and would not hesitate to recommend Hera Property Management to make well informed decisions about property investment.

Tania H

Hera Property has been extremely helpful to me being new in the field of property investment. Their advice is prompt and clear, which is crucial to avoid expensive mistakes. Thank you for your patience, looking forward to working with you on this and the next projects.”

Brett H.