21-Point Property Checklist

Master Your Property Investing Journey with Our Comprehensive 21-Point Checklist

Introduction: As a savvy property investor, you understand the importance of careful planning, strategic decision-making, and expert knowledge in maximizing your returns. To help you navigate the often complex world of property investing, we’ve created a comprehensive 21-Point Checklist based on our unique Keystone Property Investing Methodology.

Body: This checklist is divided into four main sections: Macro Factors, Micro Factors, Property Considerations, and Potential Opportunities. Each section is designed to guide you through a different aspect of property investment.

  1. Macro Factors: This section involves examining the larger economic and demographic trends in your target investment area. Questions to consider include: What are the employment levels and types of industries in the area? What are the demographic trends, such as population growth and age distribution?

  2. Micro Factors: Micro factors take a closer look at the local market conditions of your chosen area. Here, you’ll evaluate elements such as: What are the housing supply and demand levels? Are there any upcoming infrastructure developments? What is the rental yield and vacancy rates in the area?

  3. Property Considerations: In this part, you’ll delve into the specifics of the property itself. Some important considerations include: Is the property free from major defects? What are the maintenance and renovation costs? Does the property meet the needs and wants of the target demographic in the area?

  4. Potential Opportunities: Finally, potential opportunities allow you to assess the future prospects of your investment. You’ll answer questions such as: Does the property have potential for renovation, subdivision or development? What is the future growth potential of the property and the area?

Case Study #1: Let’s consider the experience of Ben, one of our clients. Ben was a novice investor who was seeking guidance to start his property investing journey. After using our 21-Point Checklist, he was able to confidently identify suitable properties that met his investment goals. Today, he owns multiple properties and is well on his way to achieving financial freedom.

Case Study #2: Sarah, another client, was looking for potential subdivision opportunities. With our checklist in hand, she gained a clearer understanding of the factors she needed to consider, including zoning laws, lot sizes, and potential costs. This helped her make an informed decision, and she successfully completed a subdivision project, which significantly increased her property’s value.


  1. Who should use this checklist? This checklist is ideal for both novice and experienced property investors. It provides valuable insights and factors to consider for anyone seeking to grow their wealth through property investing.

  2. What is the Keystone Property Investing Methodology? The Keystone Property Investing Methodology is a unique approach developed by Hera Property. It focuses on guiding investors towards properties that not only match their current financial capabilities but also align with their long-term wealth-building goals.

  3. How often should I use this checklist? This checklist should ideally be used every time you consider a new property for investment. It helps ensure you make a comprehensive assessment and don’t overlook any critical factors.

To equip yourself with this powerful tool and make informed investment decisions, download our 21-Point Checklist here: https://bit.ly/hera21pointchecklist

Conclusion: Investing in property can be a highly rewarding venture, and having the right knowledge and tools at your disposal can significantly enhance your success. With our 21-Point Checklist, you can confidently navigate your property investing journey and work towards your financial freedom.

Remember, every successful property investing journey begins with a single step – make yours count with our comprehensive checklist.


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